The fields of activity of our production company are very different. But regardless of this, all our production steps follow clearly defined and permanently monitored processes. This monitoring is essential because the production and precision of our products depends on the smooth procurement functionality, the reliability of our suppliers and the very strict quality controls at the end of the production process. For this reason, the AST production takes on a high degree of responsibility for the downstream areas, such as the logistics and the disposition of our personnel resources for the final assembly ... and of course for you as a customer, who focuses on the quality "Made at AST".

Production semi-finished goods:

In order to enable the most efficient and, above all, time-optimized installation on construction sites, it must be ensured that the number of components at their destination is pre-assembled to the highest possible degree in our production halls. This saves our customers a great deal of money and also ensures that we use these ready-to-install units to reduce the risk of missing parts on the construction site.

Production ready-made:
These primarily include products from our purchasing and rental rink segment. All of our ready-to-connect AST IceBoxes, AST SkateBoxes and AST SkateWay systems and the complete portfolio of our dasher boards and ice rink barriers are manufactured in our production hall. This area of ​​activity also includes our ready-to-install solar absorber units for the non-municipal sector.

Maintenance and repair of our rental equipment:
Mostly during the spring and summer months, the maintenance and repair work on our rental equipment, takes place in our production plant. In addition to the maintenance and repair of our rental ice rink goods such as IceBoxes and the exchange of various kick plates and board planking elements on our rental boards, we also use these months to bring our rental skates assortment in best conditions (replacement and grinding of skates).

Material tests in the field of R+D:
If not here, there are also countless material tests in our product development department.