If our engineers were not concerned with what our customers are fascinated with on a daily basis, AST would not be what it is undisputed today ... namely a trendsetter, pioneer and designer in the segments of rink technology, dasher boards and solar absorber technology.

To open up efficient uses of solar energy, the AST solar absorber was developed in the 1980s after numerous material tests and construction of prototypes. This is still considered a state of the art equipment for swimming pools worldwide.

AST-IceBox, launched in 1992, has also become a standard tool for mobile ice rinks - a role model developer for the industry as a whole - not without reason that AST was also the first company in the world to realize an ice rink on the high seas.

In order to be able to develop from initially crazy ideas, reliable as well as qualitatively resistant products, in addition to the technical expertise and technical expertise, a good dose of innovation and the will to optimize is required. These core competencies and capabilities give the AST product development department the necessary thrust not to rest where we are - but to work tirelessly to develop new top products and expand our range of services.

Further there are a number of system solutions that have emerged and are now on the market because customers have invited us to develop something unprecedented with them. This includes first and foremost the special rink technology that we developed in 2001 for the then first Red Bull Crashed Ice Event in Strockholm. The above-mentioned rink technology, which has become a fixture in the bellies of the Royal Caribbean cruise liners, also developed in the same way.

AST solutions save resources and the environment, contribute to global CO2 reduction and ensure a positive climate balance. New products and the addition of our development team strengthen the clout of this trend-setting entrepreneurial unit. Both for our own product development and for the distribution of articles from our partner assortments we want to ensure that they meet the high quality, functionality and safety standards of AST.

Thus, you may continue to stay curious what will follow next.