The prerequisites and reasons for our continued corporate success are primarily that we always want to achieve a project success that is unique to our customers - irrespective of whether it is a small rental ice rink, the full equipment of an ice rink or the installation of a 9,000m² artificial turf heating system. .. You as a customer are at ours focus.

These successes are no coincidence and assume that we already have enough in advance to think about how the way to the "Hall of Fame" should look like. That is why our sales specialists pay close attention to the complete presentation of your wishes and requirements in a professional project description.

Before we dive into a detailed budget calculation, this project description - clearly defined by internal process guidelines - goes through a "feasibility check". With this plausibility check, we ensure that the materials used will be correctly dimensioned and made available at the desired time. This stringent approach gives you the deserved security and underlines our sense of responsibility and thus our reliability.