Since 1986, our company has been dealing with thermal solar systems in order to harness the inexhaustible energy of the sun for you with highly efficient and economically interesting product solutions. The UV-resistant AST solar absorber elements are one of the most efficient absorber solutions on the market due to their very narrow tube guidance. For example, 1m² of installed absorber surface corresponds to an active sun-catching area of ​​1.523m². The thermal performance and the efficiency are enormous. Approximately 87% of the incident solar energy is passed on to the water flowing through the absorber. This allows you to economically heat large quantities of water in a very short time.

AST - we are the "Solar-Energy-Managers" supplying:
- urban openair swimming pools
- indoor swimming pools
- hotels, thermal baths, spa- and wellness centers
- industrial plants with an high warm water demand


The principle of solar outdoor heating is amazingly simple. Special AST solar elements, consisting of connected tubes, are laid on a suitable roof surface and connected to manifolds. By means of a circulating pump, water is now taken from the swimming pool and pumped through the solar mats. The sun warms the water circulating in it cost-effectively and efficiently and ensures a pleasant bathing experience!

In our latitudes the sun shines with an average power of 800 to 1000 W/m². This solar energy can be easily used by AST solar mats for cost-effective heating of your swimming pool. 1m² of absorber surface provides 250 to 350 kWh of thermal energy in the bathing season. For outdoor pools, the solar energy offer is particularly favorable with the period of use, since the pool can be used as a heat storage as it were.

Each system to be installed is calculated and designed according to the requirements. The solar absorber surface can be adapted to any roof shape and roof size and blends harmoniously into the roof architecture. Thanks to the flexible material (synthetic rubber), an AST absorber system can produce more energy on the same surface and is therefore also profitable for small roof areas.

Advantages of a Solar-Absorber-Plant for open air swimming pools:

• extension of the bathing season / increase of your income
• reduction of energy costs / reduction of your operating costs
• almost no construction or assembly restrictions
• your active contribution to climate protection / sustainable image effect
• shortest payback time among all swimming pool heating systems


Indoor pools are designed for a year-round operation and therefore have a significant hot water demand. To ensure a constant water temperature, we recommend that you combine the solar absorber system with a heat pump. The result is a sophisticated solar system that is able to deliver very cost-effective hot water up to an outside temperature of +5°C.

An AST solar absorber system can be easily integrated into the heating circuit - both with and without heat pump. Consciously use this natural resource of solar energy for your business and profit from the resulting cost savings!

Advantages of Solar-Absorber-Plant for indoor swimming pools:

• reduction of energy costs for water heating by up to 60%
• provision for the sanitary area (optional)
• almost no construction or assembly restrictions
• your active contribution to climate protection / sustainable image effect
• shortest payback time among all swimming pool heating systems


Especially in the industry, there are a variety of processes in which large amounts of hot water are needed. Such areas of application are, for example: breweries, dairies, leather industry, paper industry, industrial laundries, retirement homes, hospitals and many more. The energy required for the provision of hot water is usually very high and often represents the largest part of the production or operating costs. The AST solar system offers you enormous savings potential.

With an AST solar absorber system, large amounts of water can be preheated using solar energy. The remaining difference to the required target temperature is then overcome by means of conventional heating systems.

Leather factories also require large amounts of hot water. When using groundwater, it is necessary to heat the water from +8°C to +90°C. With the AST solar absorber system, the groundwater is preheated to + 50°C by the power of the sun. For further heating, conventional heating methods are used afterwards. By installing the AST system, the Toryal leather factory has been able to save 3000 liters of fuel oil per day:

Advantages of a Solar-Absorber-Plant for industrial requirements:
• cost-effective preheating of large quantities of water
• the construction of industrial buildings offers ideal conditions for large-scale roof installations
• reduction of energy costs to the Delta T requirement
• your active contribution to climate protection / sustainable image effect
• in many countries such invests are subsidized by the state


Each AST solar absorber system is individually calculated and planned according to the jointly defined objectives of AST technicians. The plants are planned hydraulically and with optimized installation, the flow resistance and the pipe dimension are calculated and the required pump capacity is determined. AST can deliver the system complete with control devices as well as integrate it into an existing system.

Using computer simulations, AST calculates the anticipated solar yield of the plant to determine the payback period of your investment. These data give you peace of mind when deciding to purchase a solar absorber system. The installation is also planned by AST and a suitable mounting solution is planned too. The solar absorber surface is adapted to the roof surface, whereby the appearance of the building won`t change.

The advantages of our approach:

• together with our budget calculation, we also provide you a solar yield calculation
• the solar absorber surface is adapted to the existing building structure
• no risk - the investment volume and the payback period are known before you make a purchase decision
• the system is offered and installed until the agreed completion at a fixed price