As is known, AST has established itself as a producer and supplier of pioneering technologies for the sport. In the company LIKE-ICE! We have found a great partner whose products are also based on forward-looking technology and therefore complement our range perfectly. We envision every day that the world is changing - rather its climate. One day, our customers' demands may also change and it makes sense for AST, as a proactive company, to broaden its horizons at this point.

LIKE-ICE! Because it works

LIKE-ICE! is with its two high-tech products LIKE-ICE! plus7 and LIKE-ICE! ES Sport technology leader in the "synthetic artificial ice" product segment. This dominance certainly take very many rental providers for themselves. For this reason, we would like to argue below why this predicate is at LIKE-ICE! Products actually applies.

LIKE-ICE! - partner of school sports

Together with the Austrian Ministry of Sport and the Vienna City Council, LIKE-ICE! did realize a test run on the subject of ice skating in gym class of the VS Prandaugasse in Vienna. First of all - this test operation was a huge success. Above all, the introduced know-how in the sense of a train-the-trainer concept by Kurt Harand (former Austrian ice hockey player and ice hockey trainer) has inspired the teachers.

LIKE-ICE! plus7 - the synthetic artificial ice-plates for skating

What are the specific features?

LIKE-ICE! is self-lubricating - means you do not need any lubricant (or any protective emulsion, no impregnation, etc.) to apply to the surface. The material consists of 7 different additives. Including various oils and paraffins for lubricity. These integrated lubricants only come to the surface under the pressure of the skate and immediately retract back into the plate as soon as the pressure is relieved. This prevents outdiffusion of the ingredients. (Finger test = you can not feel oil when you touch the plate). And so LIKE-ICE! plus 7 convinces with approx. 80% gliding capacity in relation to real ice (according to resistance measurement).

The Quick-Connect 3D puzzle system is patented and withstands all movements of the plastic. This is by far the safest and easiest system to install and dismantle on the market. The Quick-Connect system always fits. In a groove- & bolt (pin) connection, however, is not suitable for repeated construction and dismantling due to the difficulty to match the bolt/pin holes - you never get these exactly in line with each other. Through the necessary re-drilling, water can penetrate and in the worst case freeze the groove. Then the plate gets broken.

LIKE-ICE! consists of high-quality, physically and chemically manipulated PE (polyethylene) and special additives - 7 special additives are currently added. A specially developed production process brings the properties of LIKE-ICE! to the validity. Thus, skating in normal skating position (braking, gliding, skating backwards) becomes possible. This means: no unfamiliar posture and stress on the same muscles.

LIKE-ICE! is official OFF-ICE! partner of the Austrian Ice Hockey Sport.
LIKE-ICE! has signed a cooperation agreement with all national ice hockey associations regarding off-ICE

Advantages of LIKE-ICE! plus 7:
- self-lubricating - no lubricant required
- unique connection system = easy assembly and disassembly
- normal skating position and standard skates with normal grinding
- CO2 neutral in operation and 100% recyclable
- integrated UV protection
- genuine guarantee

LIKE-ICE! ES Sport - Official partner of the Icestock Sport

What are the specific features?

LIKE-ICE! ES Sport is the world's only synthetic artificial ice rink, with an IFI approval for Stocksport. The surface allows year-round use. In summer operation, it is approved for the championship operation and resembles an asphalt pavement. In winter operation, the surface changes with the cooler temperatures and is similar in game operation a pond ice. All known from the sport parameters such as summer and winter soles with different Shore values, tee behavior and much more are supported by the rubber. The Champions League Final 2019 was staged at the LIKE-ICE! ES sports surface.

LIKE-ICE! ES Sport is official partner of the Ice Stocksport
LIKE-ICE! ES Sport commands the IFI-accreditation

Advantages of LIKE-ICE! ES Sport:
- suitable for summer and winter performance
- a full-year game operation (indoor and outdoor) is possible
- Ice Stocksport sheets on LIKE-ICE! ES Sports are guaranteed tracks with guaranteed game operation