ice4you - The real mobile ice rink

Whether curling, mini hockey or ice skating - with a 6 x 12 meter large ice rink in front of the venue, both young and old guests will be exited to skate. Assembly, maintenance and construction is easy and sustainable.

With ice4you, AST has developed the first mobile ice rink, which is precisely adapted to the special needs of the hotel industry, gastronomy, malls and municipalities offering a simple, cost effective and yet high-quality solution. Ice4you promises cool fun at any time as it can be installed or dismantled in only three hours. The whole equipment is intelligently installed on a vehicle trailer. Costs for transport, forklift or lifting tools. There is no need to hire a costly crew for installation since all work can easily be carried out by your own staff. Only two simple tools are sufficient for the assembly. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, a video tutorial is included in the scope of supply.

The very quiet refrigeration technology is integrated in the trailer as well. It is characterised by high efficiency ensuring that ice4you has a low energy consumption in operation. Connection to the power grid is made with a standard CEE 32A plug. After seasonal operation, everything is efficiently and safe stored in the trailer and thus immediately ready for the next operation. Ice4you is a new concept eliminating former limitations of small ice rinks.

With your own ice rink right on your doorstep you create a unique world of winter experiences and increase attractivity for your audience.

  • So far the installation and transport was too difficult and expensive.
  • The costs for acquisition and ongoing operation did not pay off.
  • Storage when not used was difficult.

From now on, there is no longer any reason to withhold these pleasures from your guests.

ice4you makes it possible.


  • The entire equipment is delivered on a trailer.
  • It can be assembled and disassembled in only 3 hours without external staff.
  • Two tools are enough, forklift truck or lifting tools are not required.
  • The supplied cooling technology is low energy consumption and connects by standard CEE 32A plug.
  • At the end of the season everything is perfectly organised, stored and protected in the trailer.


Technical details


Width 2200 mm
Length 3200 mm
Height 2750 mm
Payload 3000 kg
Net weight 987 kg
Maximum payload 2013 kg


L/W/H 1750 x 750 x 1450 mm
Cooling capacity 22,4kW (bei -10° C)
Weight 314 kg


Width 6,0 m
Length 12,0 m
2m elements with height 1,0m 10 Pieces
2m elements with height 0,5m 8 Pieces