Whether it's the realization of a mobile skating rink for a Christmas market, an ice event or a permanent installation of an ice rink inside an arena - AST skating rinks have been the most chosen and popular product for over 30 years. Through consistent improvements and customer-oriented enhancements, we provide our customers with a whole range of rink solutions that meet all their flexibility and adaptability needs.

In Moscow, AST built what was to date the largest ice rink in the world. Gorki Park is home to more than 18,000 square meters of unique ice surface, the world's largest ice rink in the VDNK has an area of ​​almost 21,000 square meters. In the ice sports season, AST ice rinks can be found even in soccer stadiums, such as Schalke or the Stade de Suisse. Large event halls such as the Olympiahalle in Munich or the Barcelona International Convention Center have also been transformed into temporary competition arenas with the help of AST.

AST is the preferred partner for international ice events - from ice hockey to ice skating and speed skating to curling and curling. Associations such as the IIHF, ISU, WCF, IFI or even leagues like the DEL rely on the competence of AST. In addition to these mostly mobile rink facilities, we also offer fixed rink solutions in our very extensive portfolio. The variety of rinks depicted in the "Products" category can be largely mobile, as well as permanently installed.

All components of an AST ice rink - regardless of its design - were developed by AST technicians especially for ice operation. Under the ice surface are, according to the respective application, high quality and optimally matched materials. This allows AST to offer top class rink solutions that meet the highest quality standards!

AST IceBox & AST ClassIce Rinks

The high-quality EPDM material and dedicated design is the core of our EPDM ice rinks - they are produced in Central Europe. This absorber mat is made of highly elastic synthetic rubber and is composed of small tubes that are rolled out side by side, combined into a circuit and then filled with a water / glycol mixture. A chiller connected to the system cools the mixture to about -10°C and pumps it through the ice mat surface. Sprayed water then freezes on the surface to a uniform ice surface. The AST ice mats are characterized by their large thermal energy transfer area, high wear resistance and flexibility.

AST skating rinks can be made individually in all shapes and sizes. They can be run as a permanent ice rink, as a partially mobile solution or as a completely mobile racetrack system.

The advantages of the AST IceBox and AST ClassIce technology:

• high temperature consistency
• high resistivity
• high flexibility
• varied design possibilities of the ice rinks
• high efficiency (large transfer area)
• energy and cost efficient

AST SkateBox & AST SkateWay Rinks

The AST SkateBox and AST SkateWay ice rinks are further developments of the AST standard products to bridge particularly long distances. With this system we realize unlimited long distances and ice paths. Since the skateway mats are flexible, 180° turns, extreme inclines and gradients can be easily covered - circular ice rinks are also realized.

The system includes patented connectors and diverting parts, and it's these elements that allow a very simple and quick connection of each Skateway mat field. Thus, the ice rink can be expanded, supplemented or redesigned as desired.

Areas of application of the AST SkateBox and AST SkateWay ice rinks:

AST Icephalt® Rinks

Following the successful pioneering work in the mobile ice rink segment, the AST Icephalt® ice rink is another highly innovative product on the ice rink market. This patented system solution is used for permanent indoor and outdoor ice rinks.

The cooling tubes are embedded in an asphalt base and then covered with a special asphalt. Thus, the elastic properties of the asphalt can be used and the formation of cracks, even at high temperature differences, can be prevented. The AST Icephalt® ice rink is based on a very sophisticated and uncomplicated construction process, which significantly reduces the construction time and thus reduces costs.

The AST Icephalt® ice rink is the innovation in the field of fixed ice rinks!

The advantages of the AST Icephalt Rinks:

• double use: ice rink in winter, sports area in summer
• suitable for applying various sports surfaces
• solar usage of the asphalt surface in summer will be possible
• flexible shaping of the ice surface possible
• short construction time, no curing time as with concrete ice rinks

AST Concrete Ice Rinks

As the market leader in ice rink technology, AST also offers customized solutions for concrete ice rinks. At the same time, AST builds on its many years of experience in numerous rink projects and manufactures concrete cooling plates for all types of ice sports. Depending on their application and environmental conditions, each system is individually adapted to ours client demands.

A concrete ice rink consits of :

• substructure
• permafrost heating
• substructure with insulation
• reinforcement
• cooling pipes made of plastic, composite or steel
• concrete casting with quality concrete

Depending on the requirements, ice rinks with direct refrigerant evaporation (NH3, CO2) as well as ice rinks for brine operation can be produced.

The advantages of AST Concrete Ice Rinks:

• it`s suitable for direct evaporation or brine operation
• the overall structure consists of environmentally friendly and proven building materials
• the cold plate has a high load capacity and can be driven by truck
• the overall engineering of all rink components (cooling pipes / refrigeration, dasher boards and ice resurfacing) is managed by AST rink experts
• cost certainty in the implementation of your ice sports facility

Our assembling specialists install the cold piping and prepare the slab construction for concrete grouting. We obtain the concrete required for this from a supplier close to the project site. In order to be able to ensure that all specifications and recommendations are taken into account, the concrete inflow is always monitored by a construction management team appointed by us. This procedure ensures the high AST quality standards of your concrete ice rink!