IIHF Ice Hockey Goals
The ice hockey goals are made of a red painted, 50mm thick tubular steel frame and meet the standards of the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation). The delivery includes 2 gates each. The gates are delivered with already assembled goal nets and protective padding. For fixing the ice hockey goals are provided with steel thorns - optionally also plastic Flex Pegs can be used. Dimensions inside WxDxH: 183x60 / 112x122cm, weight: approx. 60kg/pc.

Spare net
For heavy use. Ice Hockey goal netting made of knotless polyamide with PE binding and 5mm thick PES leash for attachment. Mesh size: 30mm, 5mm thick; color: white

Protective cover
All upholsteries (rear and upper center posts, upper and lower internal arcs) plus protective net coverage is available.

Ice Hockey lining set
Red and blue lines such as Bully points made of fleece for two playing areas. For easy and quick marking of the ice according to international standards.

Ice Hockey goal area marking fleece
Light blue disposable marking fitting four goal areas (4 fleece sheets / width 82,5cm - length 10m)

Ice Hockey goal area mark IIHF Rules 2018-2022
Light blue edged with red borders; digitally printed and ready to insert, multiple usage; size: 243x183cm

Ice Hockey lining 50mm
Disposable linings in blue and red to insert into the ice (length 100m)

Circle for unrolling marking ribbons
Stainless steel construction with integrated water tank. The unwinding device is equipped with a brake, so that the marking tape remains tighten when unrolling. A sponge behind the guide roller moistens the lines, which freeze immediately. With the provided radius rods, the circular markings with 4500 mm and 1800 mm radius can be easily, cleanly and quickly inserted.

Flex Pegs for AST Ice Hockey goals
Plastic thorns for fixing the ice hockey goals (2 pcs.)


AST Eisstock set packed up in box
Consisting of 4 red and 4 blue Eisstocks, 6 black winter running plates (normal), 2 green winter running plates (fast) and 2 staves. incl. stable plastic transport box. The Eisstocks are stable hobby Eisstocks with galvanized steel ring and plastic handle. Weight and balance of the Eisstock are specially adapted to the all-round area. After use, keep the running plates and Eisstocks dry.

Blue marking lines for Eisstock sheet
A set of woven ribbons; consists of 12 rolls of 20 meters each; sufficient for 6 Eisstock sheets


AST Lining set for 1 Curling sheet (2xhouses)
Disposable marking / lining set


AST Skateproof (skates proved)
Rubber mat „multi Standard“ made of high quality, vulcanized new rubber. Dimensions: 116,3x77,5x1 cm, Color: black, Hardness: approx. 65 Shore A, Top: rose pattern 1 mm, Bottom: smooth, Weight: 12,5kg/pc. or. 13,9 kg/m², Connection: stable puzzle gearing


AST repair sets
For 8- and 10 tube EPDM Absorber mats; consists of one blue repair insert and two stainless steel clamps (packaging units 25, 50 oder 100 pcs.)

AST Servicebox EPDM
For the quick and easy repair of AST solar mats 120/10 and AST ice mats 120/6 resp. 120/8; consisting of: 2 stainless steel clamping scissors, 1 cutter knife, 1 edge tongs, 20 inserts gray, 30 blue repair inserts, 60 special steel clamps 16.0 or 10.5mm, 1 repair manual