The different sizes of ice rink, their purpose and runtime duration, but also the geographical conditions of our ice rink projects require on the one hand a very high level of refrigeration know-how and on the other hand a correspondingly diverse product and solution flexibility. In order to be able to offer our customers optimum and resource-saving refrigeration technology for their demands, our refrigeration system solutions are divided into three main categories:

Air-cooled chillers
in in compact design

Air-cooled chillers in split design

Liquid-cooled NH3 chillers in split design

In order to produce the cold energy required for the ice rink, AST relies on proven systems as well as on the latest technology to comply with the requirements of the European EN378 and the F-gas Regulation for the protection of our environment.

Depending on the application, air- or liquid-cooled machines in split or compact design are used. In refrigeration, large amounts of heat accumulate as "waste" - this waste heat is used wherever possible. AST plans project-related heat recovery where it is possible and useful.

Air-cooled chillers in compact design

In the air-cooled compact design, all components are housed in a machine kit. The fans are installed on the machine top. This design is particularly suitable for outdoor installation.

Air-cooled chillers in split design

In this construction, the condenser or a recooler is installed separately from the compressor unit. This model is used wherever the refrigeration technology is to be housed in its own machine rooms. The condenser or recooler required for air cooling is placed outdoors.

Liquid-cooled FREON or NH3/Glykol chillers in split design

These chiller plants are characterized in particular by the fact that they can be adapted to the on-site conditions and the optimal utilization of the technical room.