From the meanwhile decades of experience in the processing of absorber elements (synthetic rubber) we have developed the AST artificial turf heating system in addition to the well established ice rinks and solar systems. It is by far the most efficient on the market!

The professional football clubs listed here have already opted for our artificial turf heating system:

FC Bayern
VfB Stuttgart
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
FC Ingolstadt
SC Paderborn 07
TSV 1860 München

Functional specifications:
The heat energy generated by the heat source is transferred by means of a heat exchanger to the water filling of the system. The warm water is circulated by a pump through the heating system.

The main component of the system is the AST heating element. Four flexible tubes made of EPDM are connected in parallel by webs to a mat of 180 mm width. The heating elemenrs are laid parallel to each other at a distance of approx. 55mm from the ground. The individual tubes of the heating system are connected to the manifolds. The artificial grass is laid directly over the heating system.

Due to the direct location of the AST heating elements under the artificial turf, the heating loss is about 50% lower than with conventional systems. The transfer area of ​​the AST heating surface of 0.857 m² per m² artificial turf is about 70% higher than the standard commercial pipe systems. In addition, it is the only lawn heater that can be operated without antifreeze.

Conventional turf heating

AST turf heating technology

Advantages of an AST artificial turf heating system:

• low flow temperatures of approx. + 24 ° C are required to keep the lawn free of snow
• low energy consumption
• heating only required if there is a risk of frost
• lower heating costs
• short reaction time of the heater
• lower investment costs
• ecofriendly