Icestock WM 2020 in Regen

From 3th to 14th March the Icestock World Championships were carried out in Regen, Lower Bavaria. In addition to the pros also young athletes came to the 6. World Junior Championships (U23) and the 56th European Youth Championships (U16 & U19). The starting field consisted of about 600 men and women from a total of 26 nations – from Argentina, to Gabon, the USA and Belarus. The 27th team from China had to cancel in advance and also the further course of the 13th World Championships was marked by the effects of the Covid19 pandemic. With untiring commitment and improvisation skills the organising team of the German Icestock Association around president Christian Lindner made the best of the situation and ensured a smooth and successful event. In preparation to the tournament, a temporary long-distance rink was built within a few weeks using 2500 tons of filling material, 300 machine hours and 120 meters of AST skateway technology. In spite of a large crowd, the number of spectators had to be reduced at 10th March. After an initial reduction to 300 people, it was decided just one day later to continue the event entirely without an audience. After it was assumed "that many visitors would come from neighbouring regions, other federal states or neighbouring countries, we felt compelled to re-evaluate the situation", said Heiko Langer, spokesman for the district.
On site, organizer Manuela Hallhuber and more than 150 volunteers continued to ensure that the championship proceeded in a proper way. Also numerous protective measures – such as the cancellation of the Nations Festival – were taken. In order to give all ice stock sport-fans the opportunity to experience the competitions live despite the difficult situation, they were streamed with the support of Allround Tv and AST has recently dismantled the temporary system and will soon be expecting the mobile ice rink back at the warehouse in Höfen. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire organisation team! Despite the extreme restrictions a great event was held. Thanks for letting us be part of it!

Thank you very much for the photos: und Eisstock WM 2020

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