AST in strategic cooperation with HDTS (Hockey Development Training System)

In order to fully meet the training-related requirements of ice hockey clubs and professional players AST is launching a strategic partnership with the HDTS Group (Hockey Development Training System). Through this cooperation, we are expanding our scope of activity and our range of services for our customers. HDTS is a global supplier of specialized hockey diagnostic and training facilities with focus on enhancing game performance by creating an environment where players and teams can develop the individual hockey skills most effectively.

Modern technology is gradually penetrating all spheres of human life. What was previously difficult to even dream of, today is becoming quite common. Modern technologies are mainly visible in hockey games, but not much in the training. The most important part of the game is hidden behind the scenes of each sport – in the field of training and preparation. Imagine a place with integrated diagnostics and testing systems which lead to true understanding of strengths, weaknesses but most importantly complex view of the athlete from the perspective of health, general fitness state, individual hockey skills, mental coaching, regeneration and nutrition. Everything you need for an off-ice training under one roof.

HDTS technology and know-how are installed in 16 countries and more than 40 sport venues around the world. RED Machine, Saint Petersburg (Russia), HDC Finland (Tampere), HDC Czech Republic, HDC, HDC Switzerland, Sweden (Orebro) and many others. HDTS centers are regularly visited by world champions, NHL, KHL players, Olympic champions and many professional players. The uniqueness of the hockey center is given by the complexity of the individual player's development, which can be systematically integrated with a team preparation.

Such an innovation in connection with rinks and hockey training spots is becoming a standard in both brand new and existing hockey stadiums which aim to expand their existing infrastructure and functionality. Such hockey rinks will significantly increase the value, purpose and attractivity of sport venues. Benefit is also that such training facility can be situated at the rink or build standalone and are mostly tailor-made based on the needs and resources of the clients.

HDC (Hockey Development Centers) consist of various zones equipped with everything necessary for the full and comprehensive training of hockey players.

There are four zones:  

- Fusion skating zone
- Shooting zone
- Diagnostics and training plans zone
- Specialized hockey gym

Skating treadmill with barrier-free transition to synthetic ice are located in the Fusion skating zone, allowing both to develop the technique and physics of athletes with help of video analysis, work on the development of all the necessary skills under the constant supervision of a trainer, develop peripheral vision, shooting , passing, coordination and more. In the Shooting zone on synthetic ice, you can work on the physical side while ice-skating, conduct interactive shooting training and reactions using the Shooting Navigation system with smart gates, which assesses the accuracy of hits. And, of course, in a specialized hockey gym divided into sections, training equipment has been collected that allows both testing players and implementing training plans “on the ground” directly for hockey players.

Such training system creates balance between sport and technology with a purpose to build passion, health and effective improvement of game performance. By those means, focus on individual training and systematic integration to team preparation create significant synergy and desired results.

The video displaying the HDTS Center concept:

Find further information about HDTS here:

For the best possible implementation of optimized training conditions on ice, AST stands as a proven supplier for top-level ice hockey with its very extensive "hardware range" such as real ice rinks, synthetic ice rinks, dasherboard technology, refrigeration systems, ice resurfacing and ice rink accessories.

As AST, we would be very happy to connect you with the contact person responsible for you at HDTS. Furthermore, HDTS also enables you to visit their demo centres in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland and Russia. Contact us or get in touch with HDTS-CEO Jozef Bujnovský directly ( ... this personal impression opens new worlds!


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