Lean back ... enjoy the show

following we kindly like to invite you spending some exciting minutes by whatching what AST is standing for - pleasure and thrill on professionalized ice!


BLZ Füssen - U20 World Championships 2018

Davos - Eistraum 2016/17

WM ice technics - Mammoth

WM ice technics - Pinguino

Assembling IIHF WM 2018 Denmark

2er Beziehung - "no tomorrow" feat. AST penguins

Assembling ISU Grand Prix Finals 2014 Barcelona

ICE MAGIC Interlaken 2016

Assembling Short Track World Cup 2017 Budapest

EIS IM PARK Schaffhausen 2017

GORKI Park Moskau

Luca Engler GoPro RBCI Yokohama 2019

AST Eurojoy ice cart