Ebel Winter Classic 2015 Klagenfurt

The Ebel Winter Classic KAC vs. VSV takes place the 03. January in Wörthersee stadion.

(Reutte/Klagenfurt, 27.11.2014) From the middle of December, a mobile real ice hockey rink is built in the Wörtherseestadion for the derby KAC vs. VSV. The key element in the installation is over 90,000meters of ice mats. Especially for such icehockey events in a large stadium, AST has developed a transparent dasher board that allows a perfect visibility of the game from all angles for the expected 30.500 spectators. Tough battles along the boards are now more visible and it is easier to follow the game, as the puck usually remains in the field of view of the viewer. The Ebel Winter Classic will be broadcasted live by Servus TV.

Follow this link for ticket reservations: http://www.winterclassic.at/

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