AST is an international company with many years of experience in the field of absorber technology. We use our know-how for the efficient use of solar energy as well as for economic ice rink production and distinguish ourselves through a high-quality, innovative and flexibly applicable product range. The close proximity to the market enables us to contribute with holistic solutions to increase our customers success optimally.

Personal customer service, professional project planning, implementation and support are the main issues of our activities. Highest customer satisfaction, both in terms of products and services, is our claim. Continuous development and the best possible quality ensure the leading market position of our company group.

We owe our success to the skills of our employees. We promote a culture of trust, respect, support and tolerance to ensure sustainability in our business. Our values ​​are reflected in the responsible treatment of our employees and in open dialogue with our customers!


The mission statement for quality, environment and occupational safety was derived from the corporate mission statement of Elektrizitätswerke Reutte AG.

We, the management of AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH, strive for quality and technology leadership in our market and see it as a challenge to combine growth and competitiveness with environmentally conscious and socially acceptable action. We are therefore committed to the following supplementary principles in our special business environment:

The entire corporate environment is crucial to our success. We see open communication and long-term partnerships with all interest groups as the basis for joint and sustainable solutions. The consideration of a wide range of concerns and compliance with legal regulations is in line with our self-perception.
The economical use of raw materials and energy as well as the minimization of environmental influences is not only of benefit to the environment, but also helps us to reduce costs. We are also aware of our social responsibility and therefore set new, economically justifiable standards in environmental technology.

Management and employees
Competent and motivated people are the most important strength of a company. Therefore we encourage and challenge our employees, their knowledge, sense of responsibility and cooperation at all levels and create a modern working environment.The company and its employees are equally responsible for safety and health. Therefore we create safe conditions at the workplace and in our environment.

Customer Orientation
It is not us, but our customers who define what quality is; both in the product and in the service sector. With our investment and training programs, we align processes with customer needs and lay the foundation for lasting customer satisfaction. We are aware that customer needs increasingly include environmental issues, and we pursue the goal of fulfilling them.

Process Orientation
The implementation, verification and expandability of the processes and interactions is ensured on the basis of optimal control and management of the process flows.

When selecting our suppliers, quality, reliability, legal conformity, but also the conscious and norm-compliant handling of environmental issues are considered as selection criteria. We are of the opinion that a sustainable environmental mission statement must be addressed not only at the level of the company but also in the directly influenceable environment.

Only concrete goals and their complete communication make the implementation of our strategy possible. Key figures and evaluations show us whether we are on course or whether we need to intervene to steer the course. In the area of environment, too, concrete goals and measures create the basis for planning, implementation, control and optimization.

Continuous improvement
We are not satisfied with a standard service level. It is therefore the task and challenge of every employee to actively pursue improvement. The framework for the derivation of preventive and improvement measures is provided by every manager in his daily work. Accidents at work, health impairments, environmental damage, quality problems and damage to equipment can be avoided by preventive action. Nevertheless we regard mistakes that occur as an opportunity to learn. In the environmental area, the continuous improvement process is based on a precise analysis of possible problem and danger areas. From this, measures for prevention, improvement and correction are derived. The best possible prevention of environmental pollution is part of our basic principles.


We are a pioneering and world-leading company that is constantly working to improve its core technologies and add meaningful system components. Based on our solid experience in the field of absorber system technology for heating and cooling solutions, we offer our partners the conditions for long-term use.