Highest quality of our products and services and the fulfillment of the customer expectations as well as any regulatory requirements are our obligation.

ISO 9001
The permanent review of our business operations plays a key role in achieving accurate work results for our customers.

To ensure the fulfillment of customer needs within our business, including product integrity and services, we are committed to aligning our quality system with EN ISO 9001 and constantly developing it. For this purpose, quality metrics have been defined in separate documents for all relevant departments. The regular review of these metrics and their communication with all divisions and all employees is a key element of our quality policy.


ISO 14001
We know about our ecological responsibility and consciously face it. The continuous improvement of our company's environmental performance is our goal.

In all activities to fulfill our business purpose, we attach the highest importance to the careful handling of all resources used. The observance of all environmentally relevant laws and conditions is a matter of course for us. It is our concern to avoid or reduce waste in our activities as far as possible. We endeavor to actively involve our customers and suppliers in our environmental management, as well as to inform authorities and the public accordingly. On request, we will gladly provide you with the AST environmental policy.



The main products of AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH are mobile and stationary ice rinks, cooling systems for sports applications and solar systems for swimming pools. The former products are energy intensive, whereas the solar systems generate sustainable energy. A comparison of the annual energy production of AST solar systems with the annual energy consumption of AST ­ ice rinks results in a higher energy production than consumption. With AST systems, this results in a total energy gain of 35 GWh per year.

In March 2018, AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH moved to the new location in Höfen. The location offers optimal development opportunities and working conditions for the operation. As part of the relocation, the waste separation system was also revised. This ensures that the fractions paper, cardboard, plastic / foil, scrap metal, waste wood, spray cans, batteries, scrap metal, contaminated glycol, paint containers and other small groups of special waste are restrictively separated, disposed of or recycled.

The main focus of the environmental management system of AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH is on the storage and use of glycol for mobile ice rinks. The glycol is stored in single-wall IBC containers with stable metal reinforcement. The containers are marked according to the CLP regulation and the danger and safety instructions are in three languages ​​(German, English and French). This means that the necessary information for dealing with glycol is available both internally and to the customer. Special attention is also paid to avoiding glycol losses. For this purpose, regular training takes place, during which new employees and partners are trained in dealing with rented ice rinks. Furthermore, emergency plans are handed out to the ice rink operators at the handover of the ice rink.

In the 2018/2019 financial year AST renewed three vehicles of its vehicle fleet. Two of the renewed vehicles have lower fuel consumption than the replaced model. Following the general trend, an electric car was also procured.

To protect employees, the workplace evaluations are updated annually and supplementary measures are implemented. Healthcare options are offered.

AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH constantly strives to improve its environmental performance in order to minimize the impact on our environment.

Our environmental protection measures are reviewed annually in accordance with ISO 14001 environmental management through internal and external audits. We are proud to be certified to ISO 14001: 15001.