In addition to the classic ice sports such as ice hockey, curling, figure skating, etc., there are now also a number of additional ice-based disciplines and competitions, which are held on an international stage - events that usually last only one or a few days maximum. The venues allow for a maximum number of spectators and so large soccer, football or baseball stadiums. Mass events such as the DEL Wintergames, the Red Bull Crashed Ice Series and most recently also the North American Ice Climbing Championships are becoming mega spectacle with a much larger audience, which is usually broadcasted live. For us as a supplier it means that our technology has to work without any ifs or buts ... the trust given to us - we appreciate!

We equip such events with the specially developed AST Ice- and SkateBox system. Above all this mobile system technology has the advantage that the components installed in are extremely reliable and robust and are also perfectly suited for being installed and dismantled rapidly. As a rule, the predetermined time slots booked by the organizer in the stadiums are very ambitious and short-calculated.