Christmas markets around the world are currently experiencing a veritable boom. Year after year, they are getting bigger and bigger and are waiting with more and more attractions for their enthusiastic audience. In the heart of these Xmas markets, around 300 AST ice rinks throughout Europe ensure a very special Christmas atmosphere each season and, above all, a good atmosphere. And good-humored visitors are always shopping-loving visitors!

The fact that this circumstance and the anticipation of the upcoming Christmas not only attracts tourists, but also the own population during this time to a high degree to the city centers, where they do their Christmas shopping, has taken advantage of the innovative acting city marketing agencies and from it developed a downright and above all highly lucrative business.

In most cases, our customers also book mobile huts, skate racks including dryers, skating aids for the kids and curling rugs for their ice rink. AST rental ice rinks are freely configurable in their rental period, size, board characteristics and additional equipment. For the best ice quality during ice rink operation, a very extensive fleet of rental ice resurfacing machines is guaranteed - our customers enjoy this additional possibility very much.