Many of the large-city tourism-oriented cities and of course many established winter sports destinations have decided to completely revamp and use their existing public infrastructure in terms of economically sustainable multiple use. AST has always supported these city marketing and tourism agencies with advice and practical help, well-proven concepts of adventure ice rinks as a reliable source of ideas and systems.

The primary aim of this concept is to offer visitors a well-thought-out selection of theme-specific, interest-bearing and above all age-specific ice rinks and to combine them with "AST SkateWays" (ice paths). So away from the classic audience run in a given direction on a mostly overcrowded ice - towards to be able to decide yourself in which direction you`d like to go.

Especially families with children who are just about to perfect their skills on the ice are thus much easier if they have their own ice rink for this purpose. In this context the risk of injury is minimized too.

In this context the ice stock sport, which is gaining in importance in the alpine region, can be practiced on a extra installed ice rink without affecting the overall operation - this fun offer is very popular as team building for companies and groups.