Mission statement

AST is an internationally active enterprise with many years' experience in absorber technology. Our expertise is dedicated to finding ways to use solar energy efficiently and generate ice economically, and has enabled us to create a portfolio of high-quality, innovative, versatile products. Our close proximity to our market means that we can help enhance our customers' success significantly with solutions that fit the entire requirement.

The key elements of our business activities are personal customer consulting, professional project planning, implementation and support. The standard we set ourselves is total customer satisfaction, with regard not only to our products but also our services. In this, we maintain our company's leading position in the market through continuous improvement and the highest possible quality.

Our success is due in large part to the skills of our employees. We encourage of a culture of trust, respect, support and tolerance to ensure sustainability is built into our company.

Our values are reflected in our responsible conduct towards co-workers and open dialogue with our customers!


We are a pioneering, internationally active company and which continuously endeavours to improve our core technologies and add practical system components. Based on our substantial experience in the absorber system technology for heating and cooling solutions, we offer our partners outstanding performance for long-term operational use.