Quality Assurance: ISO 9001

We recognize the obligation to provide the highest possible quality of products and services, and thus satisfy customer expectations and all applicable official requirements.

Constant monitoring of our business processes plays a vital part in achieving zero error work results for our customers.

In order to ensure that we will be able to continue satisfying the needs of our customers in our field of business with regard to product integrity and our portfolio of services, we undertake to adapt and constantly refine our EN ISO 9001 certified Quality Assurance system. To this end, quality measurement figures are defined in dedicated documents for all affected departments. These metrics are reviewed regularly and it is a fundamental principle of our Quality Policy that they be communicated to every company division and each employee.

ISO 14001

We are aware of our ecological responsibilities, and we consciously pursue them. Our objective is to continuously improve the contribution of our operating processes to the environmental record of our company.

We place the highest priority on responsible management of all resources used in all activities involved in the pursuit of our commercial purpose. It is self-evident to us that we should comply with all environmentally-related laws and regulations. We are concerned at all times to avoid or reduce waste to the extent possible during our activities. We actively work to engage our customers and suppliers in our environmental management programme, and to keep government authorities and the public informed in all such matters.

We will gladly provide a copy of the AST Environment Policy upon request.

AST Quality and Environmental principles