Private pool with solar heating - For hydraulic installation companies

AST offers its own semi-finished goods for heating private pools with solar energy. These are solar mats in custom sizes which are connected to PE or PVC manifolds (solar absorber units). The units can be produced in lengths up to 11 m and a width of 1.50 m.

The ready-to-install AST solar absorber units are simply unrolled on the roof, connected to each other, and secured in place. This semi-finished item is immensely helpful in ensuring low-effort installation, and serves as the basis for modern, energy-efficient water heating.


In theory, a simple, manually controlled solar absorber unit can be installed by most private consumers with some DIY skills. However, AST recommends that the work be entrusted to a professional installer. Contact the installation company of your choice - AST supports these professionals and will assist them in preparing your solar powered swimming pool heater! Besides the absorber surfaces, your installer can  also offer you installation materials the entire range of solar pool heating products.

The advantage to you: One supplier, professional installation, one bill and one contact partner.