Solar heating for outdoor swimming pools

The principle of heating outdoor swimming pools with solar power is amazingly simple. Specially designed AST solar mats consisting of connected tubes are laid on a suitable roof surface and connected to collector manifolds. A circulation pump then draws water from the pool and pumps it through the solar mats. The water is heated efficiently and inexpensively by the Sun as it passes through the mats, and delivers comfortably temperature-controlled swimming fun!

At central European latitudes, the average solar energy yield is 800 to 1000 W/m2. Solar energy can be used to heat your outdoor swimming pool in the simplest, most inexpensive way possible with AST solar mats. One square metre of absorber surface delivers between 250 and 350 kWh of thermal energy during the swimming pool season. In the case of outdoor swimming pools, the solar energy yield coincides particularly conveniently with the period of use, because the swimming pool can be used as a heat accumulator at the same time. Any system to be installed is calculated and configured in accordance with requirements. The solar absorber surface can be adapted to fit any roof shape and size, and blends stylishly with the roof architecture. With a solar absorbing surface of 1.5 m2/m2 roof surface, AST solar mats offer the largest absorber area currently on the market. Because it is made from flexible material (synthetic rubber), an AST absorber system can produce more energy in the same surface area, providing an economical solution even for small roof areas.

Solar outdoor pool heater with heat exchanger

Unlike the classic solar powered outdoor pool heater, a system with integrated heat exchanger separates the heating circuit from that of the pool water. The heat exchanger transfers the heat energy that is generated in the solar mats to the separate pool water circuit. Whereas in the classic heating system the water is pumped straight through the solar mats, in a system with heat exchanger, it never comes into contact with the solar mats.

Solar outdoor pool heater with heat pump

If a permanently constant water temperature is desired, we recommend using a solar energy swimming pool heater with a heat pump. This system configuration is particularly suitable for outdoor pools that serve as professional water sports venues, because the temperature of the pool water in these facilities should always be controlled. Heat pumps are also suitable to integrate in solar heating systems for indoor pools, to provide year-round swimming pleasure in comfortable water temperatures.

Moreover, the heat pump always represents an interesting option as backup heating, since it has a COP > 4. This means that the ratio of generated heat output to energy consumed is especially good.