Solar water preheating for industry

Industrial enterprises in particular operate many processes involving large quantities of hot water. Such fields of activity include for example: breweries, dairies, tanneries and leather working, the paper industry, industrial laundries, retirement homes, hospitals to name but a few.

In most cases, the amount of energy used to ensure the hot water supply is huge and often represents the single largest element in manufacturing and operating costs. Our AST solar heating system offers enormous savings potential for precisely these situations!

With an AST solar absorber system, large quantities of water can be preheated using solar energy. Conventional heating systems then make up the remaining difference between the preheated and the required target temperature.

Reference project with an AST solar absorber system: Leather factory in Toryal, Uruguay

Large volumes of hot water are also needed in leather factories. When groundwater is used, it has to be heated from +8 °C to +90 °C. With the AST solar absorber system, the groundwater is preheated up to +50 °C with the energy of the Sun. Afterwards, conventional heating methods are used to raise the water temperature to the level required. By installing the AST system, the leather factory Toryal has been able to reduce its heating oil consumption by 3000 litres per day.