Artificial turf heating systems

The main component of this system is the AST heater mat. Each mat consists of four flexible tubes, made from EPDM and connected to each other by crosspieces to form a mat.

AST heating mats are installed immediately below the artificial turf, so heat loss is reduced by about 50% compared with conventional systems. The heat transfer area of 0.857 m² per square metre of artificial turf provided by AST heating mats is 70% more efficient than standard commercial pipe systems.

This has the following advantages:

  • the system can work with lower supply temperatures (approx. +24 °C)
  • low energy consumption
  • lower heating costs
  • short response time to heat the artificial turf

High-profile references such as TSV 1860 München, Bayern München or FC Ingolstadt 04 sing the praises of AST!