Installation-ready solar absorber units

For solar heating of small swimming pools, AST's product line includes prefabricated solar absorber units. These units are available in the following widths: 0.96/1.08/1.20 and 1.44 m. The units are made in 5 cm increments up to a length of 11 m. The solar absorbers (solar mats) are connected permanently to the manifolds (optionally made from PE or PVC). The ready-to-install solar absorber units are rolled up, packed and shipped to you via a forwarder.

Final installation of solar absorber units

The prefabricated solar absorber units are unrolled on your roof and secured by various means depending on the material used for the roof design. If several units are to be installed, the manifolds are connected to each other, and then the supply and return flow pipelines to your swimming pool are connected. This is how a solar heating system for your swimming pool water is set up quickly and easily.