AST solar absorber units - simply ingenious

Thanks to their extremely close tube alignment, UV-resistant AST solar absorber units represent one of the most efficient absorber solutions available anywhere on the market. For example, 1 m² of installed absorber mat is equivalent to 1.523 m² active solar recovery surface. Its thermal output capability and efficiency are immense. 87% of the incident solar energy is transferred to the water flowing through the absorber. In this way, you can use budget-friendly solar energy to heat large quantities of water extremely quickly.

AST systems are optimised for heating water in the medium temperature range (up to 40 °C). You can lower the operating costs of your swimming pool significantly, simply by integrating an AST solar absorber unit in your existing heater system.

With an electronic controller programmed specifically for your pool, you can increase the energy recovered by the solar heating system and automate the running of the unit.

In conjunction with speed-regulated pumps, your solar heating system will function even more efficiently, because the speed at which the water flows through the system is regulated automatically depending on the solar radiation available.

Your advantages:

  •     Everything from a single supplier: efficient and reliable
  •     Using a solar heating system prolongs the pool season
  •     Enormous cost savings
  •     Increase of visitor numbers due to the environmentally friendly heating
  •     Simple, lightweight design without mounting racks- easy to acquire building permit for the installation
  •     Short amortisation time