Solar absorber surface

If you decide to purchase an AST solar absorber system from a specialist dealer close to you, AST will be your professional partner. AST will provide your supplier with the information it needs to configure the tubing systems and pumps. The solar absorber surface is delivered by AST and installed by AST experts. It is usually installed on rooftops. However, if necessary in exceptional cases the absorber units can also be laid on the ground, on an embankment, hung on a wall or any other suitable surface.

The integration of pipelines, any controllers and pumps in your existing system can be carried out by your installer or a water supply technology company. The settlement can be arranged either with you directly or through your specialist dealer.

Roof renovations or replacing solar absorber surfaces

If it becomes necessary to renovate the roof, or if an installed solar absorber system is beginning to show signs of ageing, this will usually entail replacing or buying new surface mats. Since the supply tubes are in place and the connection to the pool water system already exists and does not need to be changed, repairing your solar absorber system represents a low-cost investment.

AST will be glad to advise you in this matter and carry out the necessary works.