Solar heating systems and artificial turf heating systems

Solar heating systems

AST designs, builds and installs solar thermal systems, and offers you the perfect total solution from a single supplier. We tailor not only the design but also the dimensioning exactly to your specifications and adapt them to local conditions on the construction site. For the engineers at AST, the spirit of innovation is both motivation and incentive to continuously extend the limits of the services we offer. Because we are so close to our market, we can help you maximise your business success sustainably with complete, ecologically responsive solutions.

Artificial turf heating for football training surfaces

Recovering and distributing energy for heating is one of the main core competencies of AST. It was therefore logical to apply the expertise we have acquired to the development and production of a heating system for artificial turf. The advantage of the AST artificial turf heating consists in that it is laid directly underneath the artificial turf itself. This means that even with low feed temperatures you can keep your pitch clear of ice and snow. An attractive and financially interesting additional option with AST artificial turf heating is also that the solar energy generated during the summer can be routed to a consumer. This is a practical, appealing additional function of your sports surface!

AST solar heatings achieve an output of 105 millions kWh per year

Since 1986 AST has installed more than 400 solar absorber systems for indoor and outdoor pools. In total, all AST customers are achieving 105 millions kWh of thermal solar energy per year. You would need 1.260.000 liters of heating oil to produce this amount of energy with conventional heating methods. 3.740.000 kg of CO2 emissions can be avoided by using environmentally and resource friendly AST solar systems.

AST solar heating system with heat pump handed over to customer in Honau / Liechtenstein

In July 2015 AST has istalled a solar heating system in Honau. The systems combines 430 m² of absorber mats with a heat pump, that has a performance of 79 kW. The advantage of this combined system is, that after a period of bad weather the water can be tempered much faster, as the heating pump prevents the water from cooling down. The solar system in Honau was planned by a heating-planner and tendered by community of Honau / Liechtenstein.

AST solar heating system for outdoor swimming pool in Uster / Switzerland

Once again, AST was able to prevail against the competition. In Uster near Zurich AST has installed a 350 m² large solar absorber system to provide well-tempered water. In this project, we used the freely programmable AST solar control to optimize the system and monitor the output of thermal solar energy. The resource friendly AST solar absorber systems can be installed very quickly.