Cruise ships

AST ice rinks can be set up on any subsurface - even on ships! The first ice rank installed on a cruise ship was built on the "Voyager Of The Seas", a ship owned by regular AST customer Royal Caribbean International. This special ice rink system has an elastic, water-permeable surface. A large amount of cooling energy is already available because of the many food refrigerators on board, which is utilised to cool the ice rink.

An ice surface like this offers a completely new range of options in the realm of entertainment - for example, on some cruise ships top level skaters present a Holiday on Ice show several times a week. During the day, the rink can be opened up for use by the passengers. Now, there are more than ten passenger liners with ice rinks supplied by AST, including the "Harmony of the Seas", which is the largest cruise ship currently afloat!