Speed skating

As its name suggests, in speed skating the skaters reach very high speeds, over 45 km/h. For this sport, oval tracks - also called long tracks - are used. They are 400 m long and up to 12 m wide. The track is divided into two competitive lanes and one warm-up lane.

A speed skating oval is built using the innovative AST Skateway ice technology system. The track can be set up as a movable or a permanent installation. If the ice facility is intended for multipurpose use, the ice absorber pipes can be covered with artificial turf for other use during the summer.

AST systems provide ideal conditions for high-performance and recreational sports. For the safety of the athletes, the AST product line includes a collision protection system. Depending on requirements, this consists of foam-based protective mats or air-filled absorber blocks. The protection solutions offered by AST protect skaters from injury if they fall and ensure safe skating on the ice track. AST is one of the few suppliers of high-performance protection systems on the market, and has proven its expertise in the field over the course of numerous world championships.


Unlike the traditional speed skating at a 400m track, short track speed skating competitions are held in a rink of ice hockey size. This double usage requires specific ice temperature maintenance to ensure right speed and feeling on the skating track.  Too soft ice increases the risk of injuries, too cold ice leads to higher friction and lower speed.

The temperature of the AST ice rinks can be adjusted quick and easy, making perfect conditions and ideal ice temperatures can be offered both for the sport of hockey and for Shorttrack competitions. AST systems feature a large energy transfer surface and transport the cooling energy directly into the ice – thus a particularly rapid temperature regulation is possible. This saves valuable time, which is essential at competitions.

AST ice plants are distinguished by their quick and cost-effective construction and offer an innovative refrigeration technology for best conditions for any ice sport!

To ensure a safe sports experience, we also provide specific short-track protective mats which can be mounted and removed quick and easy.

Reference examples:
The short track speed skating World Cup 2009 took place in Vienna in the Ferry-Dusika Rad(cycling)stadion. As the stadium has no own ice plant, the entire ice technology equipment was rented from AST. Supplied Icefield, Refrigeration plant, short track speed skating protective mat and two Ice Resurfacing Machines were included.

For Asiade 2011 in Kazakhstan a new ice rink in size of 60x30 meters, including dasher board system, short track speed skating protective mats and electrical Ice resurfacing machines where supplied. The system was installed by an AST installation team at the Velodrome of Astana.