Ski jumping

The quality of the inrun is one of the most important factors in the sport of ski jumping. An AST ski jump refrigeration system can be a critical element in the success of your event!

Because the refrigeration is operating continuously, the quality of the inrun remains constantly ideal even if temperatures vary. This enables fair competition under the best possible conditions.

AST ski jump cooling systems are the first choice for top level international sports: the ski jumps at many well-known winter sports centres, including  Innsbruck, Bischofshofen, Seefeld, Ramsau, Willingen, Engelberg and many others, are already equipped with AST ski jump cooling systems.

Besides the classic ski jump cooling system, AST’s product range also contains ceramic ice tracksmade by Mana. Due to our extensive experience in building ski jump cooling systems, we have Chosen the fully developed product Top Speed and offer this in-run track as a package solution for both winter and summer operation of your ski jump. The integrated cooling system enables you to quickly transform the ceramic track to an ice track in winter.

The ski flying hills in Planica and Oberstdorf are already equipped with Mana’s state-of-the-art Top Speed in-run tracks.

AST can furthermore supply the equipment needed for the realization of your in-run track.
This includes snow making, snow spreading, and subsequent grooming of the inrun with a track setter. The following accessories are also available from AST (optionally including assembly): tiller, dumpbody, covering sheets and snow retention nets for ski jumps.

Ski sports

AST also offers solutions for refrigerating snow surfaces for skiing disciplines. In this case, absorber technology can be used to preserve the snow cover before it is melted by warm temperatures. AST snow cooling can be installed for alpine ski slopes and cross country trails.

This AST product is especially suitable for the entrance areas for ski lifts, since the thin snow cover there is particularly vulnerable in spring when temperatures and sun radiation increases. With AST snow cooling the melting process can be substantially reduced.