Red Bull Crashed Ice

This spectacular winter sports event was first held in 2001, and the number of enthusiastic fans it attracts grown every year since then! The athletes are all world class performers, competing in groups of four and racing for victory down a spectacular track, which can be up to 600 metres long.

AST is an official partner of Red Bull Crashed Ice. In fact, we built the first ice cross track in Stockholm in 2001. The AST Skateway system was developed as part of this new requirements profile.

Work begins on building the track several months before the actual event. The AST system is very light and easy to transport, and it is delivered to the respective location by lorry. On site, a substructure is built with wooden or steel elements, and the downhill ice track is installed on this. In this way, a team of technicians and fitters can set up a unique ice cross track with a breathtaking variety of curves, chicanes, jumps and berms within a few weeks.

The ice surface is monitored and maintained continuously by the crew, until finally the way is clear for a thrilling racing event!