This sport resp. its predecessors probably came from the Scandinavian region in the 13th century. Icestocksport has been practiced in its current form over the past decades, predominantly in the European Alpine region, we notice with pleasure that now the sport is continuously gaining more international significance.  After the first European Championships in 2015, only three years later, in March 2018,  the first World Championships in Amstetten and Winklarn (AUT) were competed on ice rink technology of AST.

In order not to restrict the public skaters practice, AST with its mobile ice rink technology now equips its seasonal xmas ice rinks with a separate Icestock ice pad.. On the one hand not to restrict the classical audiences` run and on the other hand to make this sport available to a wider potential target group.  Nevertheless Icestock is a fun sport for everybody which does not require special skills or equipment, thus the Icestock pads are a very well used.

Due to the great enthusiasm for this sport, it is not surprising that the desire for professionalization was awakened pretty quickly and thus a considerable number of Icestocksport clubs were founded worldwide. These clubs run their Icestocksport rinks all-the-year. In order to meet this demand for a function ice technology in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, AST provides its customers with its patented AST IcePhalt technology.