Figure skating

Figure skating is an immensely demanding discipline for athlete and equipment alike. Figure skaters must complete many hours of training and have a fine sense of balance in order to move on the ice so gracefully, while executing pirouettes and impressive jumps. In order to perform to the best of their abilities, figure skaters must also be able to count on ice of the very highest quality! The required temperature of the ice is different for different sports: figure skating is best performed on softer ice, at a temperature between -4 to -5.5 degrees.

With AST ice rinks, you can respond to temperature variations extremely quickly. The cooling energy is transferred directly to the ice, so that the temperature of the ice can be adjusted within a very short time. The ice technology systems guarantee the greatest possible flexibility and provide perfect conditions not only for training purposes but also for top level competition. With AST you can offer your athletes exactly the right high quality ice, which will attract many bookings!