For curling, a truly high-tech ice surface is needed. Besides a special surface treatment, the curling sheet must possess another special feature: there must be practically no temperature variations over its entire surface. To guarantee this, AST has developed a special hydraulic system for curling. With this system, it is possible to maintain a stable temperature (minimal temperature variations) over the entire 44.50 metre length of the sheet - This ensures fair competition under optimum conditions!

AST is one of the few companies in the world whose systems are recognised and approved for use in international competitions by the World Curling Federation!


The great thing about stocksport is that it can be played either on ice or asphalt. Different sliding bases enable the stocks to be used on both playing surfaces. With an AST ice absorber system. You can convert your conventional asphalt field to an ice field. An indoor field can then be operated at temperatures as high as about +18 °C. AST systems are available for rent or purchase.

AST has also developed a unique product that creates the ideal conditions for both applications. The innovative Icephalt® ice rink system is designed to provide ice and asphalt conditions for playing stock sport.  It creates a perfect ice surface in winter, even at temperatures well above freezing. In summer, the high-tech surface is ideal for asphalt stock sport, or other sports as well. The special subsurface enables uninterrupted, year-round use of the surface. This system is the only one of its kind in the world, and thus enables you to make the efficient use of your playing area. An important feature of the AST Icephalt© surfaces is their short construction times, since no time is needed for the asphalt surface to harden.