Ski jump refrigeration

AST offers a system or cooling ski jumps that ensures constant conditions and fair competition.

The cooling system makes use of special, pressure-stable pipes, because the substantial height difference leads to a high operating pressure on the cooling piping. The refrigerant circuit is filled with a mixture of water and anti-freeze, and it is then cooled by means of a refrigeration machine.

Advantages of refrigeration:

  • Constant conditions in competitions
  • Better track safety
  • Less preparation effort
  • Longer useful season
  • Good safety for events

Snow cooling

The AST snow cooling system consists of EPDM absorbers covered with a sand-packed filling layer of quartz sand and a water permeable artificial turf.  The surface is cooled before snow is brought in to prevent melting of the snow due to heat transfer from the ground. During the season, the the cooling system is automatically activated when needed to prevent the snow from melting. The heat (energy) produced by the refrigeration unit can be recovered and used for heating purposes in adjacent buildings.