Icephalt® - The AST asphalt ice rink

Icephalt® is the innovation relating to permanently installed ice rinks!

Having successfully pioneered the segment of mobile ice rinks, which was made possible by the development of the Ice Box, AST now introduces another innovative, product onto the market, the asphalt ice rink. The AST Icephalt ice rink was designed for permanent indoor and outdoor skating venues.

The refrigeration tubing is embedded in an asphalt covering layer and then covered over with a special asphalt. This enables the elastic properties of the asphalt to be retained and prevents cracks from forming, even with large temperature differences. The AST Icephalt ice rink is based on an innovative, uncomplicated building process, which significantly shortens construction time, and thus also reduces costs.

Advantages of the asphalt ice rink:

  • Dual use: ice rink in winter, sports surface in summer
  • Suitable for the application of various sporting surfaces, etc.
  • Asphalt surface can be used for solar energy generation during the summer
  • Flexible shape of the ice surface possible
  • Short construction time, no curing time, as is the case for concrete pistes