Ice maintenance machines

Ice resurfacing machines are essential for the preservation of every ice rink. On the one side, they provide a clean and even ice surface, on the other side they keep the thickness of the ice layer constant, which helps saving a lot of cooling energy.

Repairs, services and spare part orders are provided by qualified AST personnel!

WM Ice Resurfacing Machines

For optimum ice maintenance, AST markets the machines built by WM, the premium manufacturer with decades of experience on the European market! These machines are extremely reliable, very easy to service, and maintain the ice particularly well.

You can choose from four machine sizes, plane widths range from 1400 to 2300 mm. You can also choose from various motorisations: petrol, gas, diesel or electric operation. With a whole series of options, you can adapt the ice maintenance machine precisely to your needs and wishes with regard to your stadium or ice rink.

All machines built by WM feature low fuel consumption and user friendly controls.

Besides the standard ice machines, AST also offers auxiliary equipment such as ice edgers or ice scrapers.

WM Mammoth

WM Mammoth is part of a new generation of all-electric ice resurfacing machines. It is powered by an maintenance-free electric drive and needs approximately 6,5 hours to recharge at 80% discharge (Battery 80V – 450Ah, Autonomy approx 13 ice cleanings). The machine ensures optimal ice quality with a water tank of 1.000 liters and a snow tank of 3 m³ (compacted 3,7 m³). The electric four-wheel drive is continuously adjustable and allows a speed of 0 – 13 km/h. With a blade width of 2.100 mm or 2.300 mm the machine is recommended for ice rinks 1800 sq.m and larger.

WM evo2

WM evo2 is available with diesel, petrol and electric motor and impresses with a low noise level. The water tank holds 1.350 /  1.150 Liter (Electric), the snow tank 4,1 m³ (compacted 5,1 m³). The patented Quick-Change-System enables fast blade replacement. The machine is equipped with a continuously adjustable four-wheel drive and allows a speed of 0 – 16 km/h (13 km/h Electric). With a blade width of 2.300 mm the evo2 is recommended for ice rinks 1800 sq.m and larger.

WM Compact

WM Compact is an ice resurfacing machine with low weight, which is perfect for small ice rinks. It is available with electric or diesel drive and is very easy to maintain due to a tiltable bonnet. The water tank holds 600 liter, the snow tank can pick up 1,8 m³ (compacted 2,25 m³ / Diesel) or 1,7 m³ (compacted 2,1 m³ / Electric). The machine is equipped with continuously adjustable hydraulicfour-wheel drive, a hydraulically driven and swivelling side brush and PLC control. With a blade width of 1.700 mm the WM Compact is perfect for ice rinks up to 1200 sq.m.

WM Pinguino 

WM Pinguino is the smallest ice resurfacing machine in the WM range and especially designed for small and mobile ice rinks. With a length of 3 metres and a height of 2 metres it is available with petrol and LPG drive and is equipped with a continuously adjustable hydraulic four wheel drive transmission. The water tank holds 340 liters, the snow tank 1 m³. With a blade width of 1.400 mm it is recommended for ice rinks up to 600 sqm.