EPDM ice mat

The EPDM ice mat constitutes the basis of the AST ice rink. The ice mat consists of highly elastic EPDM (synthetic rubber) and is made up of small tubes that are connected to each other by crosspieces.

The ice mats are unrolled side by side, connected to form a circuit, and then filled with a mixture of water and glycol. A refrigeration machine cools the mixture down to about -10 °C and pumps it through the ice mat structure. Water is then sprayed onto the mat and freezes to form an even ice surface. The AST ice mats are particularly notable for their large energy transfer area, and their exceptional toughness and flexibility.

AST ice rinks can be manufactured to custom specifications in any shape and size. They can be set up as permanent structures, as semi-mobile solutions or fully mobile systems. In the case of the semi-mobile ice rinks, at the end of the ice season the EPDM ice mats are rolled up and stored in a well. For mobile ice rinks, the ice mats are loaded onto the AST ice boxes for efficient transport and storage.

The advantages of AST EPDM ice mat technology:

  • Good thermal resistance
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Good flexibility
  • Wide range of configuration options of the ice rinks
  • Good efficiency (large transfer surface)
  • Complete reliability
  • Energy and cost efficiency


The AST Skateway system is a further development of the AST EPDM ice rink technology, designed specifically to span long distances ice skating paths, straight or with curves. Since the Skateway ice mats are flexible, it is especially suitable for curves, thus circular skating rinks can easliy be made. The system includes special connectors, curved parts, redirectors and end caps. With these elements, the Skateway ice mats can be connected quick and easy, still the rink can be extended or reconfigured as desired.

The pictures show the initial assembly of the mobile ice rink in Gorky Park, Moscow. The facility comprises over 18,000 m² of ice surfaces of various sizes an includes a Skateway more than 1000m long. This gigantic installation is open from November to March every year. On busy days, it is used by as many as 24,000 visitors.

AST ice boxes

An absorber ice surface essentially consists of the refrigerant piping (EPDM ice mats) for the ice surface and coolant (collector) distribution pipes. These elements have been installed in steel frames and clad with aluminium chequerplates. The advantage of the AST Ice Box is that the ice rink can easily be "set up" again without digging or excavation operations, and it can be assembled and disassembled as needed. The compact modular construction of the ice boxes means that it can be moved to a different location very rapidly.

The AST Ice Boxes have a system size of 2.50 m, the ice mats can be connected to form any length up to 40 m. This means that with 8 AST ice boxes (2.50x40 m) forms an ice surface with a size of 20x40 m.