AST Concrete Ice Rink

The synthetic ice rink for ice hockey arenas

As the European market leader in ice rinks, AST offers concrete slab ice rinks as well. Thereby our experience from thousands of ice rink projects can be implemented in solutions for concrete slab ice rinks.

Basically, the design consists of the following elements that can be planned individually depending on the application and the environmental conditions:

  • Substructure
  • Permafrost Heating
  • Substructure with insulation
  • Reinforcement
  • Refrigerant piping made of plastic, composite or steel
  • Concrete filler with surface sealing

It can be designed for NH3 refrigeration with direct evaporator principle as well as different coolant/refrigerant specifications.

Benefits of the concrete slab:

  • Suitable for a variety of refrigerant systems
  • Overall structure consisting of environmentally friendly and proven construction materials
  • High load capacity of the cold plate, passable by trucks
  • Overall engineering of all components: rink, refrigeration piping, refrigeration system, ice hockey dasher boards and ice maintenance infrastructure by AST experts
  • Predictable project costs for the implementation of your ice plant

The refrigerant piping is installed by our skilled professionals and prepared construction for the concrete filling. It is not suitable to ship concrete worldwide, therefore we will cooperate with a local ideal partner of your choice for the concrete works. Taking into account our specifications and recommendations monitored, a construction management for installation of the concrete is provided. This minimizes risk and ensures that the system will perform as expected.