Our board solutions for your project

To complete your ice rink, AST offers board and border systems in a wide variety of configurations. With a range that extends from ice rink borders for event rinks to inline boards and ice hockey boards corresponding to international standards, AST is a single-source supplier. For exclusive ice rink solutions - such as are installed in shopping centres, for example - AST carries special boards with a stainless steel handrail. Boards with integrated LED lighting are a new addition to the range. The ice hockey boards can be supplied in grades conforming to DIN 18036 standard, IIHF standard (training/league hockey) and IIHF championship standard. Polyethylene is the recommended material for indoor ice hockey boards, TPO is the best choice for outdoor use.

Ice hockey boards

Boards for ice hockey rinks are available in a wide range of designs and can be adapted to individual customer requirements. AST supplies both single frame and double frame constructions, optionally with real glass or polycarbonate spectator protection. AST also offers player, penalty and jury boxes including the floor construction and benches. For multipurpose ice arenas, the board can be mounted on an ice dam with quick release fasteners.

Depending on requirements, the boards can be delivered in various configurations. AST offers board solutions in the following three categories: DIN 18036, IIHF (Training/League hockey) and IIHF Championship. Board systems that satisfy the IHF championship specification particularly feature flexible glazing which is made from acrylic or Plexiglas.

Single frame board
Single frame boards are the ideal boards for mobile ice rinks, but are also suitable for permanent installations (indoor and outdoor). Single frame boards are covered with fully coloured white PE (indoor) or TPO (outdoor) planking. The handrail is available in any RAL colour.

Double frame board
Unlike the single frame board, the double frame board is covered with fully coloured, white polyethylene planking on both sides. Consequently, there is more space on the rear of the board that can be used for advertising. For outdoor systems, double frame boards with weather-proof TPO planking are recommended.

The board elements, including the safety or acrylic glass, can be disassembled if necessary, and they are easy to store. This is ideal for multipurpose ice arenas or leisure centres with an ice hockey programme. Both the double and single frame boards can be designed without posts for the spectator protection. This allows the spectators a greater area of unobstructed viewing, and it is also advantageous for television broadcasting.

Ice dam
The ice dam is a board foundation made from galvanised steel which is installed under the entire board circuit. Each board element is mounted on it with bolts. The board can be removed and reassembled quickly, and the ice area is retained.

Inline hockey

Board constructions with galvanised steel frame are available for inline hockey.
AST offers a custom solution for every system.

Ice area borders for event rinks

The AST offering for event boards is just as varied as the events themselves. Made from transparent polycarbonate or rustic wood - AST has the right boards for your event. Upon request, also with integrated lighting system.