In order to make the most of your time on the ice, you also have to have the right equipment!

Not only can you buy ice rinks from AST, but also the necessary ice skates. To ensure that the blades are always sharpened to perfection, we can also provide sharpening machines.

AST´s distinctive and widely popular ice skating supports in the form of penguins, polar bears or sweet pandas are a favourite with the youngest skaters. They are available for both sale and rent. These ice animals help children to learn how to ice skate, and are welcomed and admired whenever they appear on any ice rink!

Ice stock sets are available from AST for the winter stocksport, and the way is clear for sporting fun!

Ice skates
An artificial ice rink also requires ice skates, which you are suitable for rental. AST carries sturdy ice skates for rental for women, men and children. The boots are clearly arranged according to size and model.

Ice skate blade sharpening machine
When ice skates are used for prolonged periods, it may be necessary to sharpen the blades from time to time. For this, AST offers ice skate blade sharpening machines for precision grinding to ensure a quality skating experience.

Ice skating supports
The AST skating support penguins are a great favourite with small children. They make it easier for children to learn to skate and are admired on any ice rink. The penguins are made from hard plastic and equipped with two handles and mounted on two skis. Height: approx. 85 cm.

Ice stocks
Ice stock sport (Bavarian/Alpine curling) is enjoyed by many, and will add another dimension to your ice venue offering. AST offers sets including 4 red and 4 blue ice stocks as well as 6 winter gliding bases in black and 2 winter gliding bases in green. The set also includes 2 dauben (targets).