ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating Budapest

Last weekend the Short Track Speed Skating World Cup stopped over in Budapest. The competition took place at the SYMA Hall and was also held as Olympic Winter Games 2018 Qualifying Event. Unlike the traditional speed skating at a 400m track, short track speed skating competitions are held in a rink of ice hockey size. This double usage requires specific ice temperature maintenance to ensure right speed and feeling on the skating track. Too soft ice increases the risk of injuries, too cold ice leads to higher friction and lower speed. The temperature of the AST ice rinks can be adjusted quick and easy, making perfect conditions and ideal ice temperatures can be offered both for the sport of hockey and for Shorttrack competitions. AST systems feature a large energy transfer surface and transport the cooling energy directly into the ice – thus a particularly rapid temperature regulation is possible. This saves valuable time, which is essential at competitions. Within 7 days, AST installed an 60 x 30 meters large ice rink including cooling technology. Despite warm outdoor temperatures of more than 20 degrees, AST ensured the best ice quality and constantly optimal condition!

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