Linked Events

Linked Events - 4 professionals under one roof!

AST has pooled its expertise and resources with three partner companies to form a general contracting company for staging large events. Each individual team member has many years' experience in running such operations - thousands of successfully completed projects speak for themselves!

Linked Events was created in response to many customer requests to simplify and optimise the costs of larger projects. With Linked Events project management (conforming to project management standard DIN 69901), Linked Events controls and supervises the projects simply and efficiently. This in turn ensures the highest degree of transparency and planning safety.

Linked Events can provide:

  •     mobile Alpine lodges
  •     tents of various sizes
  •     ice rinks for rent
  •     ice skates for rent
  •     event furniture and cooking appliances for large events
  •     event engineering (sound and lighting)


The AST Linked Events module for large-scale ice events

Winter park

People often travel thousands of kilometres to experience the wonder of winter. So great is the fascination for ice and snow!

"Winter parks" provide enjoyment for visitors the world over - for all ages. For this purpose, igloos, ice sculptures, snowy landscapes and various apparatuses for enjoying snow and ice sports are organised together with ice surfaces and ice paths to create "Winter Parks". In these artificial winter worlds, visitors have the opportunity to engage in sports such as ice skating, curling or cross country skiing, and also to enjoy the additional eating pleasures offered by bars, barbecue huts and the like. "Winter parks" therefore offer recreational pleasure in many forms!