Mission Statement

Our mission statement revolves around the central topics of quality, responsibility, environment and working environment.


We are not satisfied with just providing normal services. It is therefore the task and challenge of every single employee to actively pursue improvement. Every manager provides the framework to derive preventive- and improvement measures in the day-to-day activities.

Of course we also involve our customers in this improvement process. The customer satisfaction survey gives them the opportunity to evaluate our products and services on a voluntary and anonymous basis.


The entire corporate environment is decisive for our success. We regard open communication and long term partnerships with all stakeholders as the basis for common and sustainable solutions. The consideration of a great variety of issues and the observance of the legal provisions correspond with our self-image.


The economical use of raw materials and energy as well as the minimising of environmental influences not only benefit the environment, but also help us to reduce costs. Apart from that, we are aware of our social responsibility and therefore set new, economically justifiable standards with regard to environmental technology.

Working Environment:

Competent and motivated people are the most significant force in an organisation. We therefore promote and encourage our employees, their knowledge, sense of responsibility and their cooperation at all levels and create a modern working environment. The company and the staff are equally responsible for health and safety. For this reason we create safe conditions at the workplace and in our environment.