Quality is no accident

Highest quality of the products and services and the fulfilment of customer expectations as well as any official requirements is our duty.

ISO 9001

A constant review of our business procedures plays a key role in achieving faultless work results for our customers.

In order to guarantee the fulfilment of customer requirements within our field of business, including the product integrity and the services, we undertake to align our quality assurance system to EN ISO 9001 and to constantly develop it further. To this end quality indices have been defined for all relevant departments in their own documents. The regular review of these indices and their communication with all company departments and all employees is a supporting element of our quality policy.



ISO 14001

We are aware of our ecological responsibility and deliberately take this seriously. The continuous improvement of the operational environmental performances of our company is our objective.

In all activities for the fulfilment of our business purpose we place the highest priority on the careful use of all resources used. The observance of all environmentally relevant laws and requirements is a matter of course for us. It is our concern, to avoid or to reduce waste where possible during our activities. We strive to actively include our customers and suppliers in our environmental management, as well as to inform authorities and the public accordingly.



Environmental Performances 2023 / 2024

AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH strives constantly to improve its environmental performances, in order to keep the influence on our environment as little as possible. Below, we report about the environmental performances that we have achieved in the fiscal year 2023/2024. We thank our committed personnel for their active support to achieve these performances.

The CO2-neutral operation of our ice rinks is a major concern for us. We enable our CO2-neutral operation of the ice rinks and offer compensation measures. With this we make a valuable contribution to climate protection.

The main products of AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH are mobile and stationary ice rinks, as well as solar plants for swimming pools. The products mentioned first are energy-consuming, whereas the solar systems produce sustainable energy. If we compare the annual energy production of AST solar systems with the annual energy consumption of AST ice rinks, then we balance a higher energy production than -consumption. The solar systems installed altogether by AST produce an annual energy input of approx. 105 GWh. For the installed ice rinks approx. 70 GWh of electrical energy are required every year. As a result we achieve a positive energy balance, since an annual energy gain of approx. 35 GWh is produced.

The main focus of attention of the environmental management system of AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH is on the storage and use of glycol as cooling brine for mobile ice rinks. The cooling brine is stored in single-wall IBC containers with robust metal reinforcement. In accordance with the CLP regulation, the containers are marked with multilingual hazard and safety instructions. Emergency plans instruct staff and operators of mobile ice rinks how they must behave in the event of an unwanted escape of glycol, in order to keep the damage as little as possible.

In the 2023/2024 financial year, there were no reported incidents of glycol leakage at AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH.

For the optimal cleaning and mixing of the cooling brine we operate an automated filter- and mixing plant. The cooling brine used can therefore be automatically freed of particles of rust and dirt, and in addition the desired mixing ratio can be restored. The complicated manual restoration of the mixing ratio is now no longer necessary; furthermore, previously the cleaning of the glycol could only be performed inadequately.

The plant is installed protected from the weather in a 20‘ container and can be very easily transported to other AST locations and operated.

In the past financial year, a massive reduction in waste volumes of more than 70% was achieved. This is mainly due to the fact that very little used rental material had to be removed and disposed of this year. As in the previous year, most of the waste generated was construction site waste, waste wood and scrap metal. It is the intention of AST
used rental items to a second use outside the rental business.

Also in this fiscal year, vehicles from the vehicle fleet were replaced. An E-vehicle was employed for the first time. All other renewed vehicles have a lower fuel consumption than the replaced model. Consequently less fuel is used and fewer CO2 emissions are caused. In the reporting year, the number of e-vehicles increased to 4.

The protection of our employees is always a major concern for us. As a result, workplace evaluations are regularly updated and additional measures are derived. As in previous years, numerous employee training sessions were held in the 2023/24 financial year to contribute to safety in the workplace.

We would also like to continuously improve our environmental performances in the next fiscal year. We look forward to the new challenges.