Open-air Pools

With open-air pools the solar energy supply coincides particularly favourably with the utilisation period, since the swimming pool can be used simultaneously as a heat reservoir. Thereby special AST solar mats made from interconnected tubes are installed on a suitable area of the roof and connected to collector tubes. The water is taken from the swimming pool and pumped through the mats using a circulation pump. The sun heats the circulating water cost-effectively and environmentally friendly.

Optimising energy costs

In the bathing season 1m² of absorber area supplies 250 to 350kWh of thermal energy. There are no design- or installation restrictions, the solar absorber surface can be adapted to any roof shape and size and integrates harmoniously in the roof architecture. Due to the flexible material character of the synthetic rubber, an AST solar absorber system can produce more energy on the same area and is therefore also worthwhile for smaller roof areas.

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