Solar Systems

Utilising the sun as a source of energy to heat water is both cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly. Our absorber solutions are among the most effective in the market. With them we equip public swimming pools, industrial facilities and also private pools. On a 1 m2 installed absorber mat we achieve a sun catchment area of 1.523 m2. The thermal performance as well as the degree of efficiency resulting from this are enormous. Approximately 87 % of the incident solar energy is transferred to the water flowing through.

With the help of computer simulations we calculate the expected solar yield of the plant and the amortisation time to be expected. Based on this data you can make an informed decision.

Open Air Pools

Solar plants reduce the energy costs for open-air pools and lead to higher income due to the extension of the bathing season.

Indoor Sports Pools

Indoor pools are reliant upon sophisticated energy concepts. For this solar thermal energy makes an important contribution towards reducing costs and caring for the environment.


In branches of industry with a high demand for hot water, solar systems support the pre-heating and reduce energy costs sustainably.