Ice Rinks

Synthetic ice provides gliding and braking properties, that are in no way inferior to natural ice. It manages without any additional lubricant and for the operation requires neither power, water nor conventional ice-maintenance machines. The plastic surface is suitable for ice hockey, skating, icestock or as playground on ice, and namely all year round. For synthetic ice rinks we collaborate with the technology leader Like-Ice Science GmbH.

The Technology

Starting with the plastic and the connecting technique through to assembly and operation, the development work at LIKE ICE has been taken very seriously. A self-lubricating gliding agent, UV-protection for a long service life and an electrostatic agent have been integrated in the synthetic surface. By means of the patented 3D-connecting system, the individual panels form seamless surfaces of various sizes. All materials are free of pollutants and probably the greatest advantage is, that no costs arise for the running operation.