Synthetic Ice Rinks

Synthetic ice provides gliding and braking properties, which are very similar to natural ice. It manages without any additional lubricant and for the operation requires neither power, water nor conventional ice-maintenance machines. The plastic surface is suitable for ice hockey, skating, icestock or as playground on ice, and namely all year round. The ice rink with eco-friendly charm for beginners and professionals alike.

The Technology

Starting with the plastic and the connecting technology to assembly and operation, the development work on this synthetic ice rink was taken very seriously. The UV-resistant HDPE sheets are manufactured by means of powder melting and compacted under very high pressure. The tongue and groove panels are inserted into each other and finally fixed on each side with patented grub screws. This connection technique compensates for the expansion behaviour of the panels during temperature fluctuations in the best possible way. All materials are free of pollutants and probably the biggest advantage is that there are no costs for the running operation.

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